“An Encounter with Sri Lanka is to experience paradise”

Sri Lanka

The Wonder of Asia

A diverse and vibrant country, Sri Lanka is known for its colourful wildlife, beautiful beaches, trademarked Ceylon tea, and friendly locals who have been welcoming visitors to the island for centuries. Today, the island-nation is home to many ethnic groups, religions and languages that today co-exist peacefully in a multicultural landscape. This can be seen in the delicious dishes, which have also been influenced by the Portuguese and Dutch settlers, and the cultural traditions that date back over 2500 years.
In more recent times the British colonial culture has also influenced the local context, and this can be seen in the superb architecture, strong infrastructure and prevalence of the English language. In 2009, the longstanding civil war ended and Sri Lanka emerged to become one of the fasted growing economies in the world, with its per capital income doubling since 2005. During this time, poverty also fell from 15.2% to 7.6%, and unemployment from 7.2% to 4.9%. While the production and export of goods such as tea, rubber and other commodities as important as ever, Sri Lanka’s economy today is driven primarily by textiles, garments and tourism.
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"Finest island of its size on earth" - Marco Polo

Why Sri Lanka?

Whether it’s beachside bliss and a chilled out holiday by the pool, adventure sports to get your heart racing, or a taste of eco tourism – there is something for everyone and more on this small island. There is no need to pick and choose either because the size of your destination means that you can easily fulfill your heart’s many desires! Want to go on a wild safari? Your chances of seeing a leopard exceptionally high, as this is the country with the highest density of leopards! For animal lovers who want to take it to the next level, why not take in a spot of whale watching?
There are also nature trails, visits to spice gardens and pilgrimages to help discover the past. After a hard day’s travel, why not indulge at a spa and wellness centre, and be pampered according to the natural ayurvedic tradition? Whatever your taste, let us help tailor make your once in a lifetime journey!
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