Top Picks for Sri Lanka


Undoubtedly, Sri Lanka’s Most Visited Site within the Cultural Triangle, Which Includes Five of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Ruins of an Ancient Civilization, Known to be The Royal Citadel of King Kashyapa for Nearly Twenty Years is an Architectural Masterpiece.
“Sigiriya” also known as Lion Rock or Lion Mountain is a lone gigantic rock located amidst a thick forest and converted to a Kingdom in 5th century A.D by the King Kashyapa. It has been able to amaze archaeologists around the globe for its wondrous and mystical ways of urban planning, architecture, construction, landscaping, the science of water management and the beautiful frescoes during these ancient times. This impregnable fortress has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 understanding the importance of this historical monument.
This magnificent 660 feet boulder stands tall majestically in the central plains of Sri Lanka about 170km away from Colombo. The name Sigiriya derives from Sinha Giriya which means Lion’s Rock, so called perhaps the steep climb to the summit begins in the middle of two massive lion paws carved out of the rock. Half way through the climb you would arrive at this mystical place with world-renowned frescoes of the ”Heavenly Maidens” of Sigiriya, which bear a resemblance to the Gupta style paintings found in Ajanta caves of India. The 3 acre flat top with the remains of King Kashyapa’s palace is what you find at the end of your climb, and the view from this magical spot will certainly take your breath away.