Important information and travel tips

The National currency used is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR), while tourist shops accept US & AUS dollar including Euro and other major currencies offering exchange rates obtained via the internet, you may also inquire from the driver / guide who will be happy to arrange to exchange your currency at a bank, authorized money changer or, travellers cheques or arrange same even at the convenience of your hotel.

Widely used and available in all major towns. Swipe CC card personally at point of purchase.

Having sensitive skin? Allergies to food or prone to Hay fever? If you’re new to the tropics, and an amateur to tackle hot and spicy cuisine, this may leave you out of sorts. Recommend that you travel with pain relievers such as Paracetamol (widely available across all pharmaceutical stores across Sri Lanka) and other medications which you feel useful for your travel.

Suggest take ample aero guard roll on sticks, wear long sleeves shirting and slacks if venturing out at dusk.

Wish to roam around the city on your own or take an adventure “tuk tuk” ride across the city? We recommend you find a three-wheeler (aka trishaw) with a meter. If you prefer air conditioned budget transport, this is also available and they are just a call away.

Power sockets are the standard European 230V 3 pin plug right throughout the island. Recommended that you carry a multi plug adapter for re-charging of your phone/tablet/laptop/camera etc.

Drink Plenty of Water! With the excitement the country has to offer, you may often forget to drink water which could lead to dehydration, head ache, weakness and lethargy. Immediately notify your driver / guide and acquire a bottled of mineral drinking water. Remember, you have to consume at least 1 litre of bottled water per hour.

Safety Note: Only drink bottled water.

Sri Lanka has 2 main languages which are Sinhala and Tamil. English is considered as a “link” language where most people have some knowledge of the language. Most street signs are in English so, it’s easy to get about on your own.

It’s important that you consult your GP prior to travelling to a tropical country. Vaccinations and appropriate health advice may significantly decrease the risk for you.

Our Local Doctors can treat you too. Are you ill while travelling? Our local doctors at the resorts and private practices around the country can help you get back on your feet again! With Colombo being the countries capital boasts a variety of private hospitals offering the latest conventional medical surgical therapies.

It is known that foreigners take advantage of high quality and affordable health care.

Safety of your personal belongings is at utmost importance even if it’s on yourself. Safes are available at most of our hotels. Alternatively, the hotel reception will also be happy to help you.

Sri Lanka Standard Time is five and a half hours ahead of GMT. (Allowance should be made for summer-time changes in Europe.)

The sun is particularly strong in the tropics. Therefore, we recommend that you carry your sun cream and also wear your eye shades throughout the day.

Photography of airport, dams, road blocks or anything in relation to security and the military is prohibited. Please ensure that you do not pose or in a way of disrespect to an image of Lord Buddha.

Strongly recommended. Usually available at airport free, but will need setting up at branch office. Suggest take along a spare mobile phone.

Clothing for a tropical type climate will be adequate however, if you plan to visit the hills of Nuwara Eliya, suitable cold weather climate clothing will be needed.

Low Lands – Avrg. Temperature is 22C – 35C
High Lands – Avrg. Temperature is 14C – 25C